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“His mouth was too big for his face—wide and unapologetic. But he had dimples, and what might have been arrogance came across as endearing.” - the idea of you Hayes facts


Hayes Philip Campbell






February 2, 1994

in Kensington



He has a loft

in Shoreditch

but is on the

road with the

band most

of the year.






Ian Campbell is a respected QC, Queen’s Counsel.

  • Hayes Campbell has a wide mouth, full lips, perfect big straight white teeth, dimples, piercing blue-green eyes and a mass of dark curls.
  • Solène describes Hayes' face as a Botticelli cherub.
  • His eyes change from green to blue in the sun.
  • He is 6’2 1’2”, has a broad chest, smooth, creamy skin and a well defined jaw.
  • His voice is described as elegantly raspy with a darling British lilt.
  • Hayes wore braces as a child until the age of fourteen.
  • He considers himself surprisingly well-adjusted.
  • Hayes is said to be serious and more mature than his age suggests. He is kind, respectful and responsible.
  • He lost his virginity at fourteen to Oliver's sister Penelope.
  • Hayes went to Westminster School in London.
  • When Hayes was seventeen, he came up with the idea of creating a posh boy band.
  • He blew off Cambridge and put August Moon together.
  • Hayes plays the piano, guitar, bass and a little saxophone.
  • He likes writing music and is a solid songwriter.
  • Hayes archetype in the band is "The Swagger One".
  • He does not take his celebrity lightly and feels compelled and responsible to use it for good and make a difference.
  • The song “Seven Minutes” which Hayes wrote with one of August Moon's producers was nominated for Song of the Year at the Fifty-Seventh Grammys.
  • He considers Oliver his best friend.
  • According to gossip Hayes Campbell prefers dating older women and has a definite type.
  • Hayes has acquired two artworks from Marchand Raphel. A Nira Ramaswami and a Tobias James.
  • His first solo advertising campaign is for TAG Heuer.
  • Hayes likes to travel with his own toiletries and favours a grapefruit body wash.
  • Hayes scent of choice is Voyage d’Hermès which has woodsy, amber and citrus notes.
  • Hayes loves to wear black boots and black skinny jeans.
  • He prefers soft-shell tacos.
  • He favours Laphroaig 10 Scotch.
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