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“I told him I was meeting a friend, and that she had dark hair and haunting eyes and would probably be dressed very well. That she looked like a classic movie star. And that she had a great mouth.” - HAyes campbell Solène facts


Solène Marie







October 27, 1974 in Cambridge, MA



Los Angeles





Prentice Ford


Marie Laure Chaignon who was a curator.


Jérôme Marchand

an Art History professor at Harvard.




Marchand Ford

  • Solène Marie Marchand has large almond-shaped eyes, pouty French lips, fair olive complexion and brown, almost black hair.
  • She is five foot seven.
  • Her parents are French.
  • Among other things she is good at French, ballet, running, cooking. pilates and spinning.
  • She loves to paint watercolors of moments she thinks worth capturing, often with Isabelle.
  • The school she attended from Kindergarten-12th is Buckingham, Browne & Nichols in Cambridge, Mass.
  • She took ballet class for years at the Boston Ballet School.
  • Solène studied at Brown and has a master’s in arts administration from Columbia.
  • Solène and her best friend Lulit Raphel are owners of an art gallery in Culver City that sells contemporary art.
  • Marchand Raphel gallery represents only female artists and artists of color.
  • Solène and Lulit met in New York at Sotheby’s exclusive training program.
  • She has been divorced from Daniel Ford for three years.
  • Her home is in the hills of Los Angeles on the Westside, overlooking the ocean.
  • Solène describes her home as modern with clean lines and walls of glass with light that is always shifting.
  • She has fondness for midcentury furniture.


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